A bottle washer for your dishwasher.  

This project began when Ben got tired of hand washing beer bottles.  As a homebrewer, he had quite a few bottles to wash.  He thought, why can't I put them in the dishwasher like all my other glassware?  After a few trials he determined that the dishwasher was effective on the outsides, but wasn't cleaning the insides.  And so Ben's Bottle Washer was born.  By directing water into inverted bottles, Ben's Bottle Washer allows you to effectively use your dishwasher to wash 24 bottles, inside and out, at a time.

Features and Benefits:

  • Comes Pre-assembled
  • Eliminates hand washing
  • Makes use of the higher water temperatures in dishwashers
  • Washes 24 bottles (12oz.) at a time, inside and out
  • Rotates for easy loading and unloading
  • Easy to use (full color user guide included)
  • Durable - Tested to over 100 cycles with no loss in performance
  • Compatible with many standard size (24"), name brand dishwashers

Important:  Verify compatibility with your dishwasher before buying.  See compatibility methods documentbelow.

Bottle Washer User Guide 8-15-15.pdf Bottle Washer User Guide 8-15-15.pdf
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